Doesn’t that make you want to go? I mean wow, 75% off is a pretty big deal. If you were a major shopper (heck, any shopper) wouldn’t you want to know where that was? Of course you would. And you would want your customers to know it to! So… how do you tell them? I would say as loudly as possible!

Vinyl BannersPicture the front of your store… see that space in the window or over the top of the door?

Couldn’t it use a little more color? Why not put a large vinyl banner in that space? Vinyl banners perform their job well when it comes to advertising. They catch the eye and shout your message to everyone who passes by whether they are walking or driving. Business owners prefer vinyl banners for the promotion of their company, sales, or other products. They are considered one of the most cost effective methods of advertising.

You see them everywhere and they come in so many sizes that picking just the right one can be a little daunting. However, it really isn’t the size that matters. It is the message! You can have a 4×20 banner hanging in the front window that has a beautiful pair of shoes advertised on it… but if you don’t have a message on there that makes your potential customers want to come in, why… what good did that great big banner do you? Not much. But take that great big banner and yell out “GRAND OPENING!” or “THIS WEEKEND ONLY! 75% OFF!” and you will have customers flocking to your doors.

No matter what you are advertising, banners say it loud.