Right now you might be slathering on suntan lotion and kicking back with a great read on the beach, but it won’t be long until the clamor of the classroom calls you back, and the autumn weather ushers in a new school year.

Prepare now for a banner year ahead

You’ll stand out among the other teachers when kids walk into your classroom and see a colorful “Welcome back, students!” banner splashed across the blackboard. Or maybe you want to get the whole school in on the act, and unfurl Welcome Back banners in every classroom. Don’t forget the cafeteria!

The more banners you purchase, the lower the cost. And with eighteen different sizes, from a simple 2×5 all the way up to 4×10, banners get the message across loud and clear. Plus, they’re vinyl, which means waterproof, easy to clean, and made to last, so the school can reuse them next fall, and in 2013, and 2014…

Yard signs point the way to school essentials

We also want to acknowledge a host of other community businesses that help schools and children do their jobs: stationery stores and office supply stores, for instance, which sell those essential school supplies. Even in the computer age, there’s nothing quite like freshly sharpened pencils, shiny new notebooks, and the all-important backpack to hold your smart phone or laptop.

How do you get the word out? Yard signs.

A yard sign lets your customers know your business has all the school supplies they need for their children to be prepared for that crucial first day, and throughout the year.

Yard signs are also a terrific, cost-effective way to announce “Meet the Teacher” nights or “Parents’ Day,” as well as special events to kick off the school year.

So while you’re lazing about (or mowing the lawn, chauffeuring the kids to swim lessons, or doing inventory…) plan ahead for a school year that’s sure to spell success for your business come September!

The Possiblities Are Endless For Yard Signs

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