Is your business constitutionally capable of great signage?

That’s a bit of wordplay, just like this engaging series of license plates. 51 license plates — one from each state plus the District of Columbia — spell out the Constitution’s preamble in “licensese”.

While we don’t know whether any enterprising business owner has ever used our signs to spell out a message as august as this, we definitely provide license to say what you mean in a wide variety of ways, from car magnets to yard signs, banners to billboards.

Some people may feel they’re “not artistic,” though as the license plate series illustrates, art is in the eye of the beholder. So while you may regard a paintbrush as a foreign object, consider what process, project, product or personal behavior might be construed as “art”, and how this could positively impact your business.

For example: a young woman who works in the health and beauty department of a natural foods store has an innate flair for fashion. Using her body as the canvas, she creates startlingly original outfits with items of clothing and jewelry gleaned from thrift and antique shops. Coupled with complementary hairstyles and outfit-appropriate make-up, she creates a strong sense of style. No two outfits are ever exactly alike. She also happens to be extremely knowledgeable about the store’s products, and is very customer service oriented. Her personal artistic presentation adds color and interest to her customer service, and boosts sales from customers who want to emulate her style.

Where is the artistic license in your business? How can you capitalize on this feature or benefit to enhance customer service, employee satisfaction, productivity or sales?