iStock_000019374791XSmallPeople who have pets tend to really love their animals. Really, really love them. So much so that they often make a photo of their cat or dog a screen saver for their laptop or cell phone. You know who you are.

Two techie cat lovers decided to take their feline fondness to the next level when they created this font generator, which, though you may do a doubletake, is comprised entirely of images of the founders’ two cats! We looked for a disclaimer, “Do not try this at home,” but couldn’t find one. Which set us to thinking…

While animal antics may not be ideal for your online or 3D marketing materials, they could be rather eye-catching on a sign. Imagine a real estate sign touting, “Home Sweet Home!” with a simple word — say, the word “Home,” or your business name, if it’s simple — spelled out in kitty graphics. Not only will this creative advertising be unique among other real estate signage; any prospective clients who are also cat lovers will no doubt feel an instant kinship (or is that catnip?). Super Cheap Signs can even help you design it, if you provide images of Muffy or Spot.

Now, if your companion animal is a bit more exotic, perhaps a pet python or iguana, it might still lend itself to a creative and eye-catching sign. You just may want to think twice about using your pet’s image to promote your business — depending, of course, on the type of clientele you hope to attract. For a tattoo parlor, the serpentine motif could be perfect.