People want to give to causes they care about. However, there are so many demands on our time and attention these days, it’s hard to remember our kids’ names, let alone have the presence of mind to write a check to our favorite charity. And those dinnertime solicitation calls can be annoying.Car Magnets

One smart solution? Make your charity’s chariot a strong attractor, with vehicle magnets. Custom car magnets can feature your organization’s address, phone number and logo, and they stick right on the vehicle, so you’re spreading the word all over town time every time you drive. Best of all, because vehicle magnets are magnetic, they won’t damage a car’s or van’s appearance in any way.

You can also design car magnets with specific information that changes seasonally. For example, you may choose to have the charity’s name, phone number and logo permanently imprinted on the vehicle, but create car magnets that you switch out to advertise a bi-annual fund drive, or a special event held during the holidays.

Your organization can call attention to its vehicles’ magnetic personality in other media, such as your website or brochure, with a statement like, “Be sure to watch for our vans, sporting the (name of charity) logo and phone number, as you drive about town. We’d be delighted to meet you!” Car magnets thus give you an additional opportunity to connect with potential donors, and broaden your overall reach in the community.