Advertising your home services company can be tricky especially if you’re always on the run. With so many unique ways to advertise how do you make sure that your company is going to stand out from your competitors? Here are some great and inexpensive ways to make sure you stand out from the rest.

Car Magnets Do Your Advertising For You!Car Magnets
These car magnets are a great way to advertise while you are working on a home. If you are doing lawn work people can drive by and see the great work your doing and get your information easily off the side of your work truck. Your work truck is a vital part of your business and to not advertise on it is losing out on potential business. Also, your current clients will feel you’re more reputable with branding instead of a plain white truck. Because they are magnetic car signs it is easy to remove from your vehicle if you need to make changes.

Door Hangers
Door HangerThese door hangers are a great way to inform entire neighborhoods that your company does lawn work in the area. You’re advertising door to door! Easy enough. On these door hangers there are plenty of room to put all the information your customer would need. Also a great way to ensure that you will get a call from new customers is to advertise that first time customers will get a 5% discount. After doing a great job of taking care of them they are sure to recommend you to a friend.

All these options are great and inexpensive. With custom designs and creations for both of these products you can easily make sure your stand out from your competitors. It will also be helping your company stay in line with your advertising budget. Advertising while you work, works every time.