Vinyl. This synthetic resin gave us records (those grooved disks that played music in the prehistoric days before digital downloads), wall and floor coverings, and, of course, banners — the perfect vehicle to promote your business in a major way.

Marketing is essential for your business to survive and thrive. People need to know you exist before they can come through the door. Generating awareness is the crucial first step. That’s where vinyl banners come in.

Banners are like crystal clear skies to a pilot: they increase your visibility in a BIG way. Imagine it’s Grand Opening day for your new venture. A vinyl banner sporting the words “Grand Opening” will attract the attentionVinyl Banners make a huge impact of potential customers from far down the road, who might otherwise drive right on by.

Or say you’ve decided to hold a “spring cleaning” sale to clear out last year’s merchandise and make room for the new shipment. Why not place a colorful banner that trumpets, “Easter Week Special: Save Up to 70%!” in your shop window? It’ll draw customers like kids to jellybeans.

Unlike billboards, banners are portable: you can take them anywhere that you need to advertise your business. For example, if you’re planning to participate in a trade show, community fair, or sporting event, you can hang your eye-catching vinyl banner from the edge of a table, or even from fences and walls, using grommets.

Vinyl banners are durable, waterproof, and washable. They can be used repeatedly for years, so you don’t need to create a new one for every event. Best of all, vinyl banners are very affordable, and can be custom-made. And because vinyl banners are made from plastic resin, they’re recyclable as well.

An economical, long-lasting, eco-friendly way to advertise your business BIG? Wow! Vinyl banners really have it all. Maybe next they’ll invent a version that also cleans your office …