First and foremost, thank you for being a Super Cheap Signs customer.

We are open! And offering the same reliable service and turnaround, even next-day shipping if you need it. How are we able to stay open?

This whole thing is about as crazy a thing as we’ve ever experienced…but we are able to take some innovative measures that are good for us and keep the signs coming to continue offering great customer experience:

  • Remote working…our marketing, sales, customer service and design folks (to be fair there are only seven), are now working remotely.  We started this on March 9th. You probably wouldn’t have noticed. We have some decent technology for phones and chat so we can continue customer business as usual. You know, sort of…
  • Manufacturing…this is the crux of the issue…we can’t send our printing equipment home with staff, can we? But we are small enough to be flexible so we do this:
    1. Keep staff to 10 employees or less per shift.
    2. Common areas (break room tables, microwave, doorknobs, etc.) are wiped down before use.
    3. Use phones and whiteboards, email, Slack and flyers for internal communication to encourage social-distancing, and still live up to our teamwork and communication values.
    4. Hand sanitizers are readily available, along with wipes and soap and all.
    5. Practice the recommended hand-washing, elbow coughing, and self-isolation.
  • Pickup Orders in Austin? We are delivering reasonably sized orders to you.  If it’s a big order (i.e. a lot of 4’x8’ signs for campaigns or real estate), you can make an appointment. Terrance will meet you outside with your order.

 Lastly, we are committed to helping our customers every day and especially during the present situation. Please call at 1-866-270-7446 or email if we may be of service or you have questions regarding this information. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

We’re all in this together.


Jon Holmquist