There’s no doubt about it: weather isn’t what it used to be. What with 80 degree temperatures in February on the normally frigid East coast and a cold, wet spring on the West coast โ€” not to mention the occasional earthquake, tornado or flood in various parts of the country โ€” it’s clear that climate change is a fact of life.

Which is good news for contractors, who can help repair storm damage.

If you have a roofing, painting, or handyman business, we suggest you take the signs of the times to heart, and put up a few signs of your own:

Landscaping vehicle magnet

Landscaping vehicle magnet

  • Magnetic marketing. One of the best ways for a fairly mobile business such as roofers or painters to effortlessly promote their services is via vehicle magnets. Specially coated with a magnetic matte material, these custom vehicle magnets protect the vehicle’s finish while transforming your truck, van or car into a rolling billboard. Super Cheap Signs vehicle magnets will adhere to any steel surface (but not fiberglass or aluminum.)
  • Professional license. You may want to complement your vehicle magnet with a custom license plate that leaves no doubt as to the business you’re in. If your plate reads, “Mr Fixit,” it’s pretty obvious you’re the handyperson to call! Green contractors will be pleased to know our full color custom plates are printed with eco-solv inks, which are nearly as durable as trees.
  • Built to last. Once you’re on the job, a sturdy construction sign lets passersby know what you do, so they can also schedule your services. Our MDO (Medium Density Overlay) signs are made of pressure-treated plywood specifically engineered for use in outdoor locations.
  • Shout it from the rooftops. A reinforced vinyl banner will last for years, through all kinds of weather. Use it in your storefront, at community business events, and on the job.

Storm season may not be much fun for the folks whose homes or businesses are adversely affected, but it can be a boon for you as a contractor. So when stormy weather hits, you won’t be singin’ the blues.