Here we are, at the beginning of the spring political season. Now, what generally goes hand in hand with the political season? Why, signs of course! And they will soon be sprouting like spring flowers along our roadways. In some places these signs are already making their way into the public eye… and then… suddenly… well, they seem to be growing legs and walking away… enjoying a stroll in the breeze so to speak. Or maybe they have been sign-napped.

Granted, if your signs are determined to go on vacation, they are going to grow legs and walk away regardless of ordinance or permission. And some are going to be sign-napped or, worse yet, vandalized. It happens every campaign season without fail. Some are taken by those who deem signs to be a blight on the public eye… others simply because someone may not endorse a particular representative for office – or they may feel that the disappearing signs strengthens the other candidates. Regardless of the reasons, it is still inappropriate behavior. However, some signs get taken because they were placed in areas that have been deemed inappropriate by the city/county sign ordinance.

Make sure to check and double check the sign ordinance for the city/county where you are running for office to insure that you do not place signs in any area where ordinance does not allow. Breaking the ordinance can cost you heavy fines and get your signs confiscated.

Make sure that you have gained the permission of your constituents before placing signs on their property and make sure to specify a length of time. Some people will be more than happy to let your sign wave to passerbys until kingdom come… others might not want that. So, establishing a pre-agreed upon time frame can help ensure your sign stays where you want it to.

I would like to take this moment to thank all of those running for office who have allowed Super Cheap Signs to be an integral part of their campaign needs. It has been our pleasure to help you create the best, eye catching signs possible and we wish all of you luck in the coming elections!