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Small Advertising Budgets and Small Business

Small businesses often have small advertising budgets. That’s just a fact most of the time and it’s hard to change that quickly. It’s important to take this small budget and make the most of it. Many small businesses operate locally. They keep to a suburb and service the residents of that area. This small target market doesn’t have to mean small customer bases and small revenue streams. Small target markets can mean easier to reach potential customers.

How can I save some money on advertising?

A cheap way to start advertising is by adding lawn signs, door hangers, flyers and car magnets to your business. Lawn signs are cheap and easy to order off the internet from a reputable sign dealer. When placed at busy intersections they can make a big difference for your business. Drivers are bound to see your signs while waiting in traffic. If your business specializes in a residential service, door hangers can be very helpful because they go straight to the homeowners and decision makers of the house. Your phone number will be conveniently available at their home. Flyers are good for local bulletin boards at libraries and other public areas.

When it comes time to buy all these advertising tools, it’s important that they all have the same look and feel so the branding is consistent across all customer touch points. This way when a customer sees your advertising, they’ll have an easier time remembering who you are and what you do. This is essential for bringing back repeat business and for the launch of a new business. If your name isn’t already out there, it’s essential that new advertising stay consistent so new customers can register that your business is new and has just opened.

Thank you, my schedule has been busy and its nice to know that I can depend on you.  I will be doing business with you again.